Gmail is a short form for “Google Mail”. “Paul Buchheit” known as the father of Gmail. He invented Gmail in the early 1990s on 1st April 2004 it was launched. This invention helped people in so many ways. With the help of Gmail, it is easier as a well comfortable way to communicate or to send our letters or messages to others very easily by staying in our place. And as we know these days it is not safe to go out.

Android application is a kind of software that is used to design and helps to operate on an android device. Today many of the population prefer to use android mobile phones. As it is easy to operate for them and is available in a vast variety of ranges.

Gmail is an android app?

Gmail is the easiest pick for users to use as an email client. Most of the smartphones have Gmail already installed in them. For such a case you just need to start your application. Gmail is such and convenient application for email which supports all kinds of software on every mobile phone. It does support android, iOS, and Windows 10 as well. Therefore its installation is easy in any phone, tablet, or PC.

Steps to follow to download the Gmail application.

• Go to play store
• Search Gmail
• The application is shown in a white background and an envelope showing in the front with the letter, M in red color is the Gmail application you are searching for.
• Select the application
• Put it on download by choosing the download option.
• After it is installed you just need to start the application.

Steps to start the Gmail application in android

    • Go to the settings menu go to accounts on your device
    • Sync the settings of your account
    • Over the screen, it will reflect on the syncing details and you are currently active accounts.
  • Select the Add account
  • Click Google to add your Google application account to it. It will ask you to sign in to your Google account.
  • Add the details of your Google applications like email address as per your username, then you need to enter your password.
  • And select the service which you would like to sync.

Thus these were the steps to download and install the Gmail application on android.

Benefits which Gmail provide to their users are as follows

  • It makes your app store login easier so that you can download and explore the new exciting applications.
  • You can download various kinds of applications like gaming, chatting applications, entertainment, and many more.
  • Gmail stands for Google mail, thus it gives connectivity for using Google docs. Google photographs, Google drive without login in again.
  • Gmail also supports more than one account, so you can add any other email accounts you have.

Gmail provides all the benefits to all their users either they are android users or iOS or even for windows one.

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